These are the price listing for our most common mounts. Mounts that are not listed can still be done, however; contact us for more details.

Note: We do not use dry preserve tanning because it is not a real tanning agent, only a moth-proofing agent. We use wet tanning, which preserves animal hides into real leather.

Shoulder Mounts
Whitetail deer $600
Mule deer $775
Wild boar $595
Black bear $575
Elk $795 - $995
Bison $1300 and up
Ram $695
Axis deer $790
Barbarosa ram $790
Fallow deer $675
4-Horn ram $675
Moufflon ram $675
Spanish goats $695

* Open mouth costs $100 extra.
** All panels not included.
Full Body Mounts
Deer full body $950 to $1800
Bear $1,000 per 100 lbs.
Bear rug $200 per foot
Open mouth is $160 extra
Medium-sized mammals* (standard pose) $595
Medium-sized mammals* (special pose) $650
Gray or red fox $675
Raccoon $575
Squirrel $275
Fox squirrel $295
Rabbit $235
Large snake (e.g. python) $95 per foot
Turtle Starting at $350

* Medium mammals include red fox, bobcat, etc.
** All bases not included.
*** Open mouth costs $65 extra for small game, $100 for large game.
Skull Mounts
From $185
Tanning Services
Dear hide $185
Snake skin $28 per foot

* Open mouth costs $100 extra.
Bird Mounts
Wild turkey (strut pose) $795
Wild turkey (flying pose) $750
Wild turkey (standing pose) $695
Wild turkey (perched pose) $695
Pheasant $225
Quail $125
Grouse $250
Mallard duck $375
Teil duck (blue/green) $295
Small to medium ducks $295 to $375
Canadian goose $550
Fish Mounts
Freshwater fish $19 per inch
Saltwater fish $22 per inch
Saltwater fish (replica) $21 per inch
Antler mount $175
Standard panel $60
Solid wood panel $90
Habitat base $65
Habitat base with rock $85
Name plate $28 per 4 lines
Natural Habitat Panels (New!)
forest wood base Forest wood habitat base - $40
mossy oak tree bark base Mossy oak tree bark habitat base - $40
single rock base Single rock habitat base - $50
double rock base (small) Double rock habitat base (small) - $50
double rock base (large) Double rock habitat base (large) - $70

Laban's Taxidermy now provides natural habitat bases for shoulder mounts. Each one is hand-made and can be used for existing mounts. We sell habitat bases of any desired size or style; for more information, contact us.
Pets (New!)
We can create mounts from dead pets such as dogs and cats. Contact us for more information.
Restoration Services
We offer restoration services for damaged mounts, with prices by the hour. Contact us for more information.